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Am scris acest articol la mare, dar nu aveam net. Asa ca sper sa il cititi cu drag acum si sa va bucurati de micul meu moment de inspiratie. Pozele sunt dintr-o zi cu soare, pe malul marii :D.

Nu imi vine sa cred ca este ultima mea seara la mare. Partea culmea este ca nu vreau sa petrec, nu vreau sa imi bubuie muzica in cap. Nu am nevoie sa dovedesc nimanui ca inca mai stiu sa ma distrez, ca inca mai sunt cool si sufletul petrecerii. De fapt, anul acesta la mare am avut parte de cel mai linistit si mai putin stresant concediu. Si da, acum o sa fiu mega siropoasa, probabil succesul acestei vacante i se datoreaza in cea mai mare parte lui Flavius. I just love him! 😀

Despre vacanta propriu-zisa ce pot sa va spun? Am facut foarte multa baie. M-am jucat cu Splash camera. M-am si bronzat pe umeri si pe fata… si cam atat :))). Am mancat mancare super buna. M-am ingrozit de preturile din Vama. Am ajuns sa am o apreciere deosebita pentru Mangalia ca si oras si statiune si sper ca la finalizarea lucrarilor de modernizare sa atraga mai multi turisti. Am descoperit un loc unde se face super limonada. Am facut si ceva cumparaturi, dar nu mare lucru pentru ca mai am locuri de vazut :))). Am citit ceva. Siiiii… cam asta e :))).

De Vama am fost dezamagita pentru ca eu ramasesem cu o impresie foarte diferita de anul trecut, cand am fost la finalul lui august. Acum, in plin sezon, doar mancarea de la Bolo ce mi-a placut la nebunie si daca ajungeti pe aici trebuie sa o incercati. Portiile sunt uriase, dar mai ales delicioase. Noi fiind multi, am incercat 5 feluri diferite de mancare si toate ne-au placut. De asemenea, va recomand Bolo Icetea si Mentolada. Sunt absolut geniale! In rest, lume multa si ideea aia… cum sa ma exprim elegant oare… semi-nomada de spirit liber. Adica eu inteleg nevoia de libertate, dar nu mi se pare ca ea ar trebui sa se manifeste prin cersetorie si neingrijire. Si daca asta ma face sa fiu snoaba, imi asum acest lucru.

Cam asta e. Abia astept sa va spun unde sa mancati in Mangalia si de unde sa va cumparati cea mai buna limonada. Dar asta putin mai incolo. Pupici!

P.S. In aceasta zi minunata am purtat costumul meu de baie perfect de la Bonprix (anul acesta am mers pe costume de baie intregi pentru ca mi-e tot mai greu sa imi gasesc un sutien potrivit pentru un deux pieces si, cum se poarta, am avut de unde alege unul super cute), pantaloni scurti H&M, ochelarii de soara Avon care inca sunt in topul preferintelor mele si diverse accessorii colorate.

blogu lu andra

EN: I wrote this while I was still at the seaside, but I had no connection so it had to wait to be published. I hope you’ll enjoy my little spark of inspiration and the photos too. They are from one sunny day at the beach!

I can’t believe that this is my last night at the sea and I’m not desperate to go out and party. I just feel like I don’t have to be the life of the party anymore. I don’t have to prove to anyone that I’m fun and flirty and I can just enjoy the peace and quiet. Actually, I think this was the most relaxing vacation I’ve ever taken… ever. And I will be extra cheesy and say that it’s probably because I’m so much in love.

I can summarize the actual holiday in very short sentences… maybe even a few words :))). Lots and lots of swimming. Playing with the Splash camera. A little bit of upper body tanning :))) (I was mostly in the water so…). Super tasty food. Awful prices in Vama Veche. Got to see Mangalia in a whole new light – it’s kind of a great city and turning into a great resort. I am very curious how it is going to look like when the municipality is done with the restorations. Found great lemonade. Did some mild shopping, I say mild because I still have to travel this summer and it ain’t cheap :))). I did some reading and… that’s it I guess.

I was disappointed with Vama Veche because last year I was there at the end of August and I had a very different experience from this year. Now… there were just to many people and everyone was so… frumpy and their idea of freedom was just pissing me of. Being a bump doesn’t make you free. Not taking care of yourself doesn’t make you free. Asking other people for money for stupid reasons does not make you free or cool or funny. The only good thing about Vama Veche this year was the food from Bolo Steakhouse. We ate 5 different courses there and they were all amazing. You have to eat here… or at least drink. I strongly recommend the Bolo Ice Tea and the Mentolada

This is about it. I can’t wait to tell you where to drink in Mangalia and where to buy the best lemonade that you will ever have. But a little bit later. Kisses.

P.S. The lovely day these photos where taken I was wearing my Bonprix bathing suit (thank God one piece is again fashionable and I had where to choose from because I am beginning to hate the two piece bathing suits due to the fact that I can never find a top that fits), H&M shorts, the Avon sunnies that I still love and some very colorful accessories.

blogu lu andra

blogu lu andra

blogu lu andra

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